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Keeping your ACO data clean

Keeping your ACO data clean Building trust with reliable clinical data By Larry Allen, MD, MGMA member, and Chuck Kandzierski, COO, Clinigence One of the biggest hurdles to overcome for physician-led accountable care organizations (ACOs) is faulty clinical data. Most ACOs’ population health efforts gather data from disparate member practices. If clinical data [...]

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HIT Accelerator Program Exposes Wider Need For Clinigence Capabilities

By Kobi Margolin When I was launching Clinigence, I recognized the value our cloud-based clinical data analytics software could bring to smaller physician practices that don’t have the time or IT staff to dedicate to quality data reporting. Yet only recently have I learned that even large health systems, with their greatly expanded resources [...]

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Data Analytics For Small Practices Has Big Impact For Large Health Systems

By Kobi Margolin In earlier posts, we’ve written about the importance of adopting new, advanced technology to achieve the clinical and business rewards that “early adopters” typically experience. Clinical analytics—sometimes referred to as big data analytics—is a technology that holds great promise for healthcare organizations of all sizes. Surveys show that large health systems [...]

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