By Kobi Margolin

When I was launching Clinigence, I recognized the value our cloud-based clinical data analytics software could bring to smaller physician practices that don’t have the time or IT staff to dedicate to quality data reporting.

Yet only recently have I learned that even large health systems, with their greatly expanded resources compared to small, independent practices are struggling to efficiently capture, standardize, analyze and report clinical data from across their organizations.

I’m discovering this fact because, since July, Clinigence has been one of seven health IT companies that were accepted into the New York Digital Health Accelerator (NYDHA) program. Launched in 2012, the program is a public-private partnership sponsored by the State of New York, the nonprofit New York e-Health Collaborative and the Partnership Fund for New York City, the investment arm of the city’s leading business organization.

During the four-month program, we’ve worked with participating financial-investor and health-system mentors to fine tune our investor pitch and design pilot projects where our technology will be implemented in the mentors’ clinical facilities. Two of the pilot project agreements have been finalized, while another is still in the discussion stages.

Throughout this process, these large health system leaders and others have shared with us that despite the millions of dollars organizations like theirs have invested in electronic health record systems, they are still not able to easily generate the type of clinical quality and cost reporting that our platform can deliver virtually straight out of the box.

We’re also learning about the other areas of the industry, such as behavioral health, that could benefit from our technology and are looking forward to demonstrating our unique capabilities to more stakeholders during the program’s upcoming conference, The Digital Health Conference, on November 17 and 18.

With the conclusion of the NYDHA program upon us, the Clinigence team is very excited about the months and years ahead, both for the growth it will bring to our company in NY, but also for the benefits it will deliver to healthcare organizations large and small, their providers and patients.

Learn more about what our company is doing with the NYDHA program from a recent Q&A: