The Road to Value-based Care

No matter where you are on the road to value-based care, Clinigence can help you with your current and future needs. Click on any of the pins on the map to learn more about some of the value-based programs we support. But wait: before you dive into any specific program, you may want to scroll down and familiarize yourself with the Clinigence value improvement process – your road to success in any value-based program.

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Leverage annual MIPS reporting to build the foundation for value-based care Read More


Don't waste resources on manual chart abstraction and data collection. Read More. Combine claims and clinical data to drive effective population health and maximize your earned shared savings Read More


Complement your EHR capabilities with advanced patients stratification, quality reporting and population health to succeed in comprehensive primary care plus (CPC+). Read More


Start billing for chronic care management (CCM) and establish the foundation for care coordination services Read More

Any Value-Based Model

Build to capacity to succeed under any future value-based healthcare model.

The Clinigence Value Improvement Process

The Clinigence Value Improvement Platform

Free Your Patient Data

Effective value-based healthcare starts with comprehensive, accurate and reliable data. Clinigence integrates patient data from multiple EHR systems across practices and care settings and merges it with cost data from payers. We do not depend on EHR vendors or limited interoperability standards. Clinigence extracts data directly from all EHR system and normalizes them to create a complete clinical picture of each patient. Under risk-based contracts, we also leverage payer claims to complete the records with out-of-network, cost, and utilization data.

Engage Your Providers and Patients

Engaging your providers is a critical component of the value improvement process. The best use of physicians’ time is in direct patient care. They don’t have time for dashboards or analytics. Clinigence provides clinicians with just-in-time information at the point-of-care. We answer their simple question: what do I need to do right now to take better care of this patient? As they open the patient’s chart, we display this information right in front of them; no additional clicks necessary. By preventing care gaps for each patient, physicians improve their quality performance.

Engage your providers and patients

Improve Value to Patients and Payers

As providers leverage the information in front of them at the point of care, they will close or prevent gaps in care. Non-clinical office staff can easily address many potential gaps (e.g. patient reminders, referral scheduling, etc) at patient check-in or on the phone. Other gaps will be handled in the exam room. Equipped with all pertinent information, clinicians will also have more opportunities to engage patients in the process. Quality improvement becomes an inevitable byproduct. Shared decision making between providers and patients is also a great recipe for reducing unnecessary service utilization, which leads to a reduction in the total cost of care and improvement in patient satisfaction.

Improve value

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“We are convinced that there is a correlation between high quality care and lower overall cost and are excited about the tools we now have to track these measures.”

Larry Allen, MD, FAAF, CEO, Indiana Lakes Quality Partner; CMO, Indiana University Health Goshen (Goshen, IN)

“Clinigence enables us to see clinical information at an individual and enterprise level. This is critical as we move toward becoming an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) with both Medicare, Medicaid (DSRIP) and commercial payers.”

Raul Vazquez, MD, FAAFP, President Greater Buffalo United Accountable Health Network (GBUAHN) (Buffalo, NY)

“By partnering with Clinigence, we are able to deliver the tools our [EHR] customers need to succeed in today’s environment where reimbursement depends more and more on quality reporting and improvement.”

Gary Cuthbert, CEO, MEDENT (Auburn, NY)


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Future-proof Big Data Technology

  • Variety: any data type, including social determinants of health (SDoH), remote patient monitoring, wearable and fitness tracking devices, patient-generated data, etc.
  • Veracity: unique “data provenance” technology provides transparency and reliability.
  • Velocity: any data frequency up to real-time.
  • Volume: unlimited, agile and cost-effective cloud scalability.