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Clinigence and Qualmetrix Merge to Accelerate Value-Based Care

Healthcare Analytics Leaders Clinigence and QualMetrix Merge to Accelerate Value-Based Care and Population Health Management Clinigence, LLC and QualMetrix, Inc., two pioneering healthcare information technology companies providing advanced, cloud-based platforms that enable healthcare organizations to shift to value-based care reimbursements and to provide population health management, today announced that they have completed their [...]

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15 Savings Opportunities Every Provider Should Know About

Let's face it: transitioning from volume- to value-based care is hard. Successful ACOs often hire teams of dedicated care coordinators, analysts, and administrators. A 2017 ACO Survey found that the average ACO spent $1.1 million on care management and an additional $60,000 in operating health information technology, analytics, and reporting. Even with such investments, Medicare ACOs, [...]

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Organizational Change Framework

"If you cannot get the people to see the need for change, to make the needed changes, and to follow through, all the time and money spent on information systems, pay systems, communication systems, or new organizational structures is wasted." --- J. Stewart Black & Hal B Gregersen "It Starts with One - Changing [...]

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Be The Change

"Be the Change You Wish to See in the World" --- Mahatma Gandhi  Change is Hard We all know that our healthcare system is in the midst of a major and unprecedented transformation. We also all know that change is hard. At Clinigence, we believe that data is [...]

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VIP ACO Registry Case Study

Overview Participation in value‐based care programs requires an ongoing commitment to increasing quality, reducing cost and improving patient care. Outside reporting (e.g. to CMS, State Medicaid programs and commercial payers) involves the participant’s ability to implement the appropriate process and methodology to collect and deliver auditable evidence, no matter where the data resides. [...]

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Keeping your ACO data clean

Keeping your ACO data clean Building trust with reliable clinical data By Larry Allen, MD, MGMA member, and Chuck Kandzierski, COO, Clinigence One of the biggest hurdles to overcome for physician-led accountable care organizations (ACOs) is faulty clinical data. Most ACOs’ population health efforts gather data from disparate member practices. If clinical data [...]

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Clinigence and The PPRNet Foundation Partnership

Clinigence and The PPRNet Foundation are Partnering to Advance Care Quality and Value-based Transformation Clinigence and The PPRNet Foundation (“TPF”) announce a collaborative partnership to facilitate success in value-based care. The partnership will give TPF’s member clinicians access to technology and data for Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and Advanced Alternative Payment Models (APMs) [...]

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