Keeping your ACO data clean

Keeping your ACO data clean Building trust with reliable clinical data By Larry Allen, MD, MGMA member, and Chuck Kandzierski, COO, Clinigence One of the biggest hurdles to overcome for physician-led accountable care organizations (ACOs) is faulty clinical data. Most ACOs’ population health efforts gather data from disparate member practices. If clinical data [...]

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The Population/Patient Paradox

Population Health Starts with One   Ironically, many leading health IT vendors present their population health capabilities as ‘healing the planet’ or designed for ‘finding new cures’. While population health certainly has the potential to contribute to such noble objectives, the irony is that we have yet to address the basic challenge of [...]

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Educational Webinar: The Right Steps Toward Greater Risk and Higher Returns

What you will learn. This educational webinar will help you achieve your goals by helping you identify the best path to get started on your inevitable road to taking more risk. You will get expert tips and actionable insight and guidance to make the right choices. Finally, you will also get information related [...]

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NAACOS Fall Conference

Clinigence is excited to exhibit at the NAACOS Fall Conference in Washington, DC We are located in the Senate Room, Booth #32 Clinigence connects one or many EHRs to provide the transparency and access to the clinical data you need for better patient care and to improve outcomes. Stop and learn how we have [...]

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