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What you will learn.

This educational webinar will help you achieve your goals by helping you identify the best path to get started on your inevitable road to taking more risk. You will get expert tips and actionable insight and guidance to make the right choices. Finally, you will also get information related to working with consultants and receive a checklist of important questions you must ask vendors to ensure their promises are based on experience and proven outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Standing still is not an option – learn how to make the most of MACRA and advanced payment Models and how taking baby steps like moving from Track 1 to Track 1+ and beyond can have a significant financial impact on your bottom-line.
  2. Don’t let the complexities of MACRA stop you from maximizing your revenue potential – find out how to identify and work with consultants to help you make the leap.
  3. Three questions you must ask your vendor before you commit – vaporware vs. a solid tool that will support your success.
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