Project Description

Retain Your Prepaid Performance-based Incentive Payment

Clinigence provides real-time tracking of clinical quality performance, including:

  • Tracking of all 19 CPC+ quality measures for 2018.
  • Help practices select the best 7 out of 17 process measures.
  • 1-click drill down from the practice (TIN) to the provider (NPI) and patient levels.
  • Real-time performance tracking at the practice and provider levels.
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Enhance Your EHR to Comply with CPC+ HIT Requirements

Clinigence complements your EHR to ensure compliance with CPC+ health IT requirements in the following areas:

Tracks 1 and 2

  • Using the May 2017 version of the electronic quality measure (eCQM) specifications.
  • Electronic submission of QRDA III file to CMS.
  • Reporting on all measures at the CPC+ practice-site level as required.
  • Reporting on all patients (including all payers and the uninsured) as required.
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Track 2 Only

  • Stratification of patients by gaps in care.
  • Daily updated eCQM results available to the entire practice team.
  • Use of the Clinigence Global Letter of Support.
  • Commitment to working collaboratively to ensure compliance in future program years.
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The Clinigence Value Improvement Process