See the Need to Improve

Clinigence leverages real-time clinical (EHR) data to allow you to see how your practice is performing as compared to its peers. You can use this information to visualize to your staff why you need to improve quality in specific areas.

For example, your practice may be underperforming in terms of Fall Risk Screening (see chart). Seeing that your practice is ranked #18 out of 20 practices in the ACO provides the motivation to improve. You can also use the same visual to make your staff see why they need to improve. 

Manage Variance to Move

Variation in performance often makes for a powerful tool in driving practice performance improvement. Visualizing the differences in outcomes among peers can push underperformers to see the need to improve and begin to move. Recognizing top performers is always a motivator for them to finish the good work they’ve been doing. Perhaps most importantly, creating a collaborative environment enables everybody to learn from one another’s experience and adopt best practices that have been proven to lead to better outcomes.

This report shows how different primary care providers in the same practice featured above are doing on fall risk screening – an area for improvement for the practice as a whole. The variance in performance – from 78% at the top to 46% at the bottom – may seem shocking at first. And yet, such variance is common. Leverage it to help providers at the bottom to see the need to move. Leverage it to recognize providers at the top to help them finish

Track Progress to Finish

Once you’ve set a goal and got the practice moving towards it, you must continuously track performance to ensure progress. Practice change does not happen overnight. Progress is hardly ever consistent over time. By tracking performance at both the practice and individual provider level as closely as possible to real-time you can tell when progress is slowed down or even derailed. A quick analysis of root causes and early intervention to adjust course as needed provide the best bet for making it to the finish line, i.e. achieving your goal.

The trending report shows how the practice featured above has improved its fall risk screening rate over the first 10 months of 2018. Note how the worst performing provider in the trending report improves over the first 6 months of the year to become the best performer. Note also that this remarkable improvement is marked by short periods of decline. It is only through continuous tracking that you can ensure reaching the finish line.