See What Your Patients Need Today

You have a busy schedule. You want to spend as much of it as possible seeing patients. You don’t have time to think about quality. You don’t need another dashboard. We know that because we have heard it again and again from clinicians just like you.

Start your day with the Clinigence VIP Huddle Report™ that summarizes gaps in care for each of the patients you are scheduled to see today. Front office staff can address many gaps upon patient check-in to save you time.

Share Data with Your Patient to Move

Clinigence aggregates clinical data across all providers, EHR systems, and care settings to allow you to quickly see what you need to do for the patient you are seeing in order to improve quality. With the Clinigence VIP at the Point of Care™, you can see patient gaps in care right within your EHR workflow. Once you open a patient chart on your EHR, you will see a popup listing the patient’s gaps in care right there in front of you. You can also share this information with your patient to engage them in closing gaps.

Track Your Performance to Finish

If you address gaps in care routinely as part your daily workflow you will see your quality performance improve over time. You may still want to look at your quality scorecard periodically (e.g. monthly) to ensure that your process is working and adjust it as needed.