See Complication Rate by Provider

Clinigence helps you see complications by type, specialty, and provider. You can then help individual providers see the need to improve quality. You can also easily equip them with the information necessary for them to move towards preventing complications by discussing specific complication cases.

Leverage Transparency to Move

Comparing quality among providers is a powerful tool for you to move towards improvement. For example, Clinigence reveals readmission rates for all the hospitals in your community. For hospitals within your network, you can use this information to help specific providers see the need to improve and empower them with the data they need to move towards readmission reduction. You can also leverage this information in your discussions with out-of-network hospitals and get patients to move towards higher quality facilities.

A Culture of Quality to Finish

Quality improvement is a never-ending process. To “finish” the job, you must create an organizational culture centered around quality improvement. This means a culture of continuous measurement, learning and commitment to change. It also means that part of your role is to lead the organization to adopt quality guidelines. One specific set of such guidelines is provided by the Choosing Wisely initiative. Clinigence has implemented many of these guidelines to help you promote conversations about quality between patients and providers.