See How Network Providers Compare

Clinigence helps you quickly see how different providers in your community perform relative to their peers. You can compare hospitals, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), home health agencies, specialists, etc. Clinigence reveals both cost and quality performance indicators, such as average length of stay (ALOS), average admission cost (“paid/admit”), etc. You can also see how each provider is trending on any of these indicators.

Move to a More Efficient Network

Using the comparative effectiveness reports you can define and build a more efficient provider network. You can then share this information with your primary care providers (PCPs) to move referrals towards “in-network” providers.

Finish by Tracking Leakage

In addition to checking in directly with the patient, Clinigence helps you track their compliance with care plans. For example, you can monitor patient adherence to prescriptions by looking at their refill patterns for all medications (see screenshot). Similarly, you always have access to comprehensive care gap reports.