See Cost Drivers by Condition

Clinigence helps you see what’s driving the cost of care of a population from a diagnostic perspective. You can then prioritize your resources and direct your interventions and programs accordingly. You can also see a breakdown of cost by place of service and provider specialty – either across your entire population or by selecting a subpopulation by any condition.

Leverage Clusters to Move

Predictive cost models often use diagnostic groupings or clusters. Understanding how a population is split into such clusters and their impact on predicted cost can help you move more accurately and effectively with targeted clinical interventions and programs. You can also see how well individual providers manage specific conditions in order to help them move to improve performance.

Finish where It All Starts

Population Health starts with individual patients. Clinigence enables you to drill down quickly from your target population to those individual patients predicted to benefit most from additional care coordination. You can also quickly see what clinical indications are projected to have the most impact on an individual patient’s predicted cost.