See the Full Picture

Clinigence helps you quickly see the full picture of each patient. The Patient Summary Dashboard includes:

  • A breakdown of cost by provider, place of service, provider type, and specialty.
  • A breakdown of claims by primary diagnosis.
  • All procedures and their costs.
  • All hospital revenue codes.

Leverage Individual Needs to Move

You can use personal health indicators to engage patients in their health. Clinigence provides you with a quick view of the patient’s clinical markers and their predicted impact on future service utilization. For example, sharing with a patient the probability of her hospitalization in the next 6 or 12 months can help make her see the need to move forward with her care plan.

Track Individual Progress to Finish

In addition to checking in directly with the patient, Clinigence helps you track their compliance with care plans. For example, you can monitor patient adherence to prescriptions by looking at their refill patterns for all medications (see screenshot). Similarly, you always have access to comprehensive care gap reports.