See Staff’s Performance

Clinigence helps you see how well each practice or individual provider is performing overall, in specific areas, such as cost, utilization, quality, prevention, etc., and on specific performance indicators. You can rank peers based on their scores. But before you share such ranking with them you’d better take a close look at their respective patient risk profiles. Underperformers will be quick to claim that their patients are sicker. Clinigence equips you with each provider’s risk score so that you can effectively address such claims.

Leverage Scorecards to Move

One of the most powerful tools to get staff to see the need for improvement is by sharing individual scorecards. Clinigence offers provider scorecards that further empower providers to move by highlighting areas of deficiency relative to peers.

Track Progress to Finish

As providers engage in performance improvement, you can support their efforts by setting goals and tracking their progress to the “finish line.” Clinigence also reveals as closely as possible to real-time any slowdown or derailment of progress. A quick analysis of root causes and early intervention to adjust course as needed provide the best bet for making it to the finish line, i.e. helping providers achieve the goals set for them.