Quality Improvement

We Help You Change Behavior Using Reliable Information

Clinical quality improvement requires behavior change. But changing human behavior is extremely hard. Your best ally is reliable information. The Clinigence solution uniquely empowers you to change the behavior of care providers which then effects change in their patients.

Real-Time Data

The Clinigence reports leverage (near) real-time clinical data feeds to deliver up-to-date information about your patients. This information empowers you to prevent gaps in care, complications and unnecessary high-cost events before they occur. Contrast that with state-of-the-art claims-based disease management reports that target patients after the fact and you will see the unique power we give to your quality improvement and care management programs.

Clinigence Clinical Intelligence Solutions

Keeping track of all relevant patient data in one place

Clinigence Clinical Intelligence Solutions

Harnessing our competitive nature to drive performance improvement by comparing to peers, goals and reference populations

Clinigence Clinical Intelligence Solutions

Real-time monitoring and the agility to correct course

Clinigence Clinical Intelligence Solutions

Everything you need to know about your patient in one place

Clinigence Clinical Intelligence Solutions

Maximizing value (quality/cost) of healthcare services

Clinigence Clinical Intelligence Solutions

See your data at a patient-level to improve quality of care

Depth in Process and Outcomes

The Clinigence reports are never limited to a predefined set of measures imposed by payers (e.g. The MSSP ACO 22 CQM set.) Rather, you have the power to define your own protocols and outcomes to improve quality. For example, one of our ACO clients created a COPD/asthma management protocol to better address the needs of this population that drives the highest utilization and cost for the organization. Intermediate clinical indicators (e.g. peak expiratory flow, or PEF) and even objective/subjective patient assessments (e.g. severity/frequency of symptoms) are easy to incorporate.

Indisputable Reporting

Show anybody an unflattering performance report and they will immediately dispute your data. But not so fast: what if the report is based on the same data they recorded? And what if you can immediately show them the trail that led from data to report? At that point the report becomes indisputable, and this is exactly what Clinigence does for you. You may still need to work with care providers on improving their clinical documentation practices, but they will no longer be able to deny their responsibility for the numbers.