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The 6 Steps to Population Health Management

opulation Health Management and Analytics

1. Define Population

Cost and Utilization Analytics help define your top target populations for reducing the total cost of care.

2. Identify Care Gaps

To improve population health, you must first be able to identify care gaps for individual patients. Clinigence integrates patient data from all sources to deliver real-time, comprehensive view of gaps in care as illustrated in the sample screenshot below.

Integrated Patient Data for Population Health Management

3. Stratify Risks

With comprehensive, real-time view of your patients’ individual clinical status and care gaps, you can optimize your care coordination and care management programs by focusing more resources on those patients you can impact the most and tailoring interventions to their unique needs. Developed in close collaboration with clinical care coordinators at a number of our ACO customers, the Clinigence Population Health Dashboard (see sample screenshot below) enables stratifying patients based on how many care gaps they have. This is a simple yet powerful way to ensure that you maximize the impact of your care management efforts.

Population Health Dashboard

4. Engage Providers and Patients

Clinical quality improvement requires changing behavior. Clinicians must learn to adapt to new workflows, care processes and protocols. And patients often need to learn to adhere to new care plans that involve lifestyle changes in order to improve outcomes. While behavior change is always a challenge, comprehensive, real-time patient data provides a powerful guide for the journey as illustrated in the sample report from one of our ACO customers below. Read more on the 3 steps to engaging providers and patients in clinical quality improvement.

5. Manage Care

There are many interventions you can take to address outliers based on analyzing payer claims. Clinigence integrates claims from Medicare and commercial payers and provides tools to quickly and easily identify cost and utilization outliers and trends and drill down to their root causes. Read more on our cost and utilization analytics. In addition, the Clinigence Population Health Dashboard empowers your clinicians, care managers and coordinators to systematically provide better care to your patients.

6. Measure Outcomes

Beyond traditional cost and utilization analytics, the integration of clinical, cost and other patient data sources will empower your organization to design and implement care processes that continuously improve outcomes, including better clinical quality, better patient experience and lower total cost. Clinigence offers unique capabilities to help you advance your organization’s capacity to assume risk for patient populations:

  1. Clinigence efficiently integrates data from all sources into patient-centric views.

  2. Clinigence enables calculating and correlating any process and outcome metric, including both standard, evidence-based and custom measures.

We may not have all the answers, but we ensure that you can always find them in your data!

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