Support Physician Engagement for ACO Success

Physician Engagement for Healthcare

Although technology is critical to achieving success in today’s value-based environment, success also rests on the ability to engage the physician. Clinigence collects and aggregates clinical data from all sources and delivers the information to the hands of the ones that need it the most. Physicians get the ammunition to identify patients at risk and quickly take the appropriate action. Our proactive approach makes the physician an active and willing participant in reducing costs while making it easier to affect patient outcomes.

Support Physician Engagement

Provide and Support Data

Physicians can sometime be wary of data that will ultimately be a judge of their performance. Therefore, it is important to provide backup in support of what is being presented. Clinigence works with the Healthcare Organization to ensure that the physicians trusts the data and focuses on improvement.

Feedback and Comparison

Feedback via comparison is very motivating. Showing a physician or practice where they stand in comparison to others in the group helps them understand their shortcomings and galvanizes action (who wants to be on the bottom). Clinigence developed a scorecard that allows you to see the rankings of the each practice and each physician.

Access to Information at Point of Care

Physicians are inundated with new regulations and processes that are forcing them to change their processes. Clinigence has chosen not to add to their stress. Instead, we had discussions with physician, observed their workflow and developed a process that supports their daily schedule, however included flexibility to facilitate variations.

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