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Clinigence MIPS QIP incorporates all the components needed to monitor, manage and improve the quality of your patient population.

MIPS QIP Includes:

  • Detailed measure performance display, including the number of patients in the denominator (eligible population), numerator and any exclusions and exceptions as defined by the measure specs.
  • Performance measures for the entire patient population with optional filtering based on payer attribution lists (if available).
  • Multi-level reports with drill down from the organization to individual practices, providers and patients.
  • Goal setting and benchmarks for measures at the organization, practice and provider levels.
  • Track and measure performance over time (‘trending’) at the organization, practice and provider levels.
  • Patient measure identification in each of the following classes:
    • eligible (‘denominator’);
    • compliant (‘numerator’);
    • non-compliant (‘complement’);
    • exception
    • exclusion
  • Search for patients across multiple practices and EHR systems.
  • Access to a unified patient record that aggregates data from multiple EHRs and claims (if available).
  • A Risk Registry that stratifies patients based on advanced filtering, including:
    • Number of gaps in care relative to the measures
    • Number and type of chronic conditions
    • Last annual wellness visit date
    • Last office visits date
  • Number of emergency room visits (based on claims or EHR data as available)
  • Patient summary including number of gaps in care, chronic conditions, vital signs and adherence to best practice screenings.
  • Detailed patient views including gaps in care, active problems, medications, immunizations and demographic data.

Improving quality can be a lengthy process, as indicated by the graph of an actual healthcare facility.

Once this healthcare facility had access to their population’s clinical data, they could easily identify their shortcomings. They used their newly found information to make actionable changes that would directly and positively help their patients, and improve their processes. Over time, their scores climbed in the right direction.

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