Healthcare Analytics Leaders Clinigence and QualMetrix Merge to Accelerate Value-Based Care and Population Health Management

Clinigence, LLC and QualMetrix, Inc., two pioneering healthcare information technology companies providing advanced, cloud-based platforms that enable healthcare organizations to shift to value-based care reimbursements and to provide population health management, today announced that they have completed their merger. The merged entity has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Clinigence Holdings, Inc.

Clinigence, LLC, founded in 2010 and based in Atlanta, Georgia, is a pioneer in clinical quality reporting. Its solution integrates clinical and claims data across multiple electronic health record (“EHR”) systems to allow its customers to improve the quality of care of its patients, improve care coordination and to reduce cost. Clinigence LLC’s platform is currently in use by over 13 Accountable Care Organizations (“ACOs”) and medical groups, 23 hospitals and over 7000 providers, with 7 million patients on the platform.

QualMetrix, founded in 2013 and based in Miramar, Florida, is a population health analytics company that provides turnkey solutions that enable connected intelligence across the care continuum by transforming massive amounts of clinical and claims data into actionable insights. QualMetrix’s platform is currently in use by over 9 health plans (“HMOs”), 6 ACOs, 2 Management Services Organizations (“MSOs”) and 2 medical groups, with almost 2 million patients on the platform.

The combination of Clinigence and QualMetrix will result in almost 9 million unique patients on the platform from 15 unique ACO clients, 9 health plans/HMOs, 2 MSOs, 23 hospitals and over 8000 unique providers.

Jacob Margolin, M.S., founder and CEO of Clinigence, LLC, has been named Clinigence Holdings’ President and Chief Executive Officer, Lawrence Schimmel, M.D., founder of QualMetrix, will serve as Clinigence Holdings’ Chief Medical Officer and Mihir Shah, CPA, will serve as Chief Financial Officer. Warren Hosseinion, M.D., Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Apollo Medical Holdings (NASDAQ: AMEH), will serve as Chairman of the Board of Clinigence Holdings.

“Our merger with QualMetrix brings a unique value proposition to the market, which is a game changer as the U.S. healthcare system is shifting from fee-for-service reimbursements to value-based payments,” stated Jacob Margolin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Clinigence Holdings. “Clinigence, LLC’s wealth of quality reporting and outcomes improvement experience combined with QualMetrix’s powerful cost and utilization analytics will allow us to unlock the full potential of value-based care, improving patient care outcomes, reducing costs and bolstering population health.”

“Clinigence Holdings is poised for dramatic growth over the next few years as we help our clients transition to value-based payment models and to take financial risk for their populations,” stated Lawrence Schimmel, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of Clinigence Holdings. “The merged company will combine the best of both claims analytics and clinical informatics. Our platform organizes vast amounts of information and then presents it in a way that allows our clients to succeed in the ever changing health care environment.”

“With the increasing focus on quality, costs and the patient care experience, the application of sophisticated data-driven capabilities will be critical for all healthcare organizations and for individual providers,” stated Warren Hosseinion, M.D., Chairman of Clinigence Holdings. “Our industry-leading cloud-based platform allows our clients to leverage data from multiple sources to operate efficiently and to deliver the best possible outcomes for their patients.”

About Clinigence Holdings, Inc. (Clinigence)

Clinigence Holdings is a leading healthcare information technology company providing an advanced, cloud-based platform that enables healthcare organizations to provide value-based care and population health management. The Clinigence platform aggregates clinical and claims data across multiple settings, information systems and sources to create a holistic view of each patient and provider and virtually unlimited insights into patient populations.