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Data Integration
No EHR vendor feesIntegration fees from EHR vendors can add up and substantially increase the cost of your population health solution
Live reports within 2-3 weeksEHR vendor feeds often take months to set up
Access to all EHR data elements, independent of C-CDA contents (e.g. health maintenance)Standard EHR feeds/extracts typically include only a subset of data elements that can severely limit your reports
Automated, AI-based data normalizationMany solutions can only leverage coded data requiring your providers to change their EHR documentation practices
Semantic data warehouseAllows flexible, ad-hoc data interpretation into unlimited performance metrics
Data aggregation across multiple sources of any typePopulation analytics begin with a comprehensive view of each patient; unfortunately many products limit your patient view by the type (e.g. claims) or number of sources
Data provenanceData credibility hinges on full transparency with respect to the source of each data item
Add-on manual data collection toolWhen EHR integration is not viable or for data elements your EHR doesn't capture
Clinical Quality Improvement
Real-time clinical quality measure (CQM) reportsReal-time data is critical for engaging providers in the quality improvement process
Gaps in care integration into EHR workflowThe most powerful driver of provider engagement is making the performance improvement process "transparent" by integrating necessary actions into the clinical workflow
Plan-based patient attribution to CQMs (e.g. Blue Cross patient will be measured against Blue Cross CQM program)Different payers measure your performance differently; make sure each patient is assessed at least based on their plan
Measures assessed based on aggregate (or select) patient data from all or select sourcesManage a patient based on the totality of information; measure provider performance based on their actions
Real-time provider scorecards across all or select populationsEffective scorecards require accurate patient attribution, timely reports and transparency into source data
Any CQM program (including MIPS, QCDR, MSSP, CPC+, HEDIS, commercial plans, and custom)Don't settle for a solution that satisfies your needs today; make sure you can cost-effectively expand to cover any future needs (including unforeseen)
Population Health
Patient stratification based on predicted cost and "impactability"Traditional risk scoring based on past cost is ineffective in predicting future cost; focus your resources on those patients that are most likely to benefit using predictive and impactability scoring
Care coordination notes and time tracking (e.g. for CCM)Chronic care management is billable under fee-for-service and provides a great opportunity to develop your care coordination capabilities
ED "frequent flyer" and avoidable ED visit reportsWe use the NYU algorithm to enrich your data and identify avoidable ED utilization
"Choosing Wisely" guidelines"Choosing Wisely" is an initiative of the ABIM Foundation that publishes guidelines promoting shared decision making and avoiding unnecessary test, treatments and procedures
Cost & Utilization Analytics
Predictive savings opportunity reportPrioritize cost reduction opportunities based on their projected value to your organization
1-Click drill down to PCP and patient levelsA savings opportunity is only actionable if you can easily break it down to specific providers and patients
Quick and intuitive "root cause" analysisAddressing performance challenges requires quick assessment of their causes
Multiple contracts and lines of business (Medicare, Medicaid, commercial, etc) in a single dashboardInstead of relying on multiple, limited portals and reports from each payer, manage all your value-based contracts and patients in one dashboard
Comparative efficiency and effectiveness analysis for hospitals, SNFs, specialty and home careFull transparency into the cost-efficiency and outcomes of both "in-network" and "out-of-network" providers is critical to developing high-performance networks
Comparative, risk adjusted PCP cost-efficiency analysisReducing variations among your PCPs is a powerful tool for value improvement
Customer Service
US-based customer support representative networkOur reps speak your language, understand practice work flows and are empowered to provide excellent service and timely solutions
Comprehensive online self-help and training Wematerials (including videos, FAQs, etc)We understand that clinicians don't have time for formal training sessions; we advocate a "train-the-trainer" approach while providing end-users with a plethora of online materials to use in their own time and pace
Experience and Expertise
Thousands of successful CMS submissions over 5 years
Medicare (MSSP, Next Generation ACO, Comprehensive Primary Care and MIPS), Medicaid (DSRIP) and commercial value-based contract experience
Software-as-a-service (SaaS) includes all software updates and customer service
Risk-sharing pricing options
No hidden fees