Clinigence and MedConnect are partnering to bring clinical data and analytics to the forefront of physician group practices.

Value-based care programs continue to expand, and the results are proving to be positive for providers and their patients. Clinical data management is a requirement to succeed in the most basic value-based care program arena.  However; as programs mature, more risk is required and comprehensive analysis of clinical data becomes a necessity. Without it, practices can’t get a complete picture of their population to identify gaps in care and make the changes required to improve quality.

Clinigence and MedConnect understood that a collaborative partnership between the electronic health record (EHR) company and the analytics platform would greatly benefit providers.  The advantages of this relationship include improved insight into patient care and greater transparency of clinical quality performance.

“EHR’s were not designed to calculate quality measures” said Jimmy Chapman, CEO of MedConnect. “Our strength is to provide a reliable and high-quality cloud-based healthcare software solution that was designed by and for physicians. So, it made sense to take the next step of partnering with a software team with proven quality measures management.  Clinigence can provide actionable clinical data analytics to help close gaps in care and measure quality across the population.”

Jacob Margolin, CEO and Co-Founder of Clinigence said, “Supporting MedConnect’s robust offerings like their latest 2015 ONC Certified application suite, which includes electronic health records, billing management, and patient portal solutions was an exciting proposition for Clinigence. Our goal is to support care improvement by giving providers a platform for clinical quality that is simple and relevant.”

About Clinigence

Clinigence, LLC, in Atlanta, GA is a health information technology company that develops, publishes and deliver collaborative software-as-a-service (SaaS) to help healthcare providers derive business value from clinical data and quality patient care. Clinigence is a tailored solution for the emerging needs of healthcare providers due to the shift of the U.S. healthcare system from volume to value-based purchasing and the growing demand for quality care. Go to to learn more.


About MedConnect

MedConnect, Inc., based in Montgomery, AL is the developer of MedConnectHealth 3.0, a 2015 ONC Certified enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) browser-based platform, comprised of electronic health records, revenue management, scheduling, patient portal and kiosk solutions.  MedConnect focuses on offering healthcare providers with highly robust, customizable solutions at an affordable price.  MedConnect supports over 20 healthcare specialties and has direct connectivity to over 35 hospitals across the Southeast.  Visit for more information.