Clinical business intelligence technology provider’s solutions now reach 3.5 million patients to help improve care coordination and enable value-based care models

Atlanta, February 20, 2014—Clinigence, a next-generation clinical business intelligence technology provider, today announced that Franciscan Northwest Physicians Health Network (FNPHN) has implemented the company’s technology to improve their quality data collection processes. With this partnership, Clinigence is now used by more than 1,000 providers across the nation, representing more than 3.5 million patients.

FNPHN, a Medicare Shared Savings Program ACO formed between Northwest Physicians Network and Franciscan Health System, based in Tacoma, Wash., selected and implemented Clinigence’s registry functionality within a one-week period in January 2014. The rapid roll out was needed because of the 2013 Group Practice Reporting Option (GPRO) reporting period. The ACO had 49 disparate electronic health records (EHRs) that did not interface and, without Clinigence, it would have required significant effort to collect and submit the required data to Medicare. In addition, the ACO selected Clinigence since it was scalable and can later be used for more nimble reporting and effective performance improvement and population health management.

“Our revenue is contingent on our ability to provide quality care and subsequently report on our efforts, so having technology that automates that process is critical,” said Rick MacCornack, PhD, CEO of FNPHN. “Using the registry tool is just the first step towards improving care because it frees up our staff to focus on working with patients to improve their overall health. The partnership with Clinigence has certainly helped our efficiency and coordination of real-time care management.”

The Clinigence solution is built around several key capabilities, including clinical data analytics, data mining, predictive modeling and business intelligence. Leveraging cloud-based semantic collaboration, the solution fuels a continuous cycle of improvement in staff performance and process effectiveness while accelerating the creation of best practices.

“We are thrilled with our expansion to 1,000 providers across the nation, along with the addition of FNPHN as a new partner,” said Kobi Margolin, CEO of Clinigence. “The healthcare industry as a whole is at a turning point where real-time reporting and the ability to pinpoint gaps in care are critical to changing the course of the industry. We are committed to helping every provider in the industry successfully transform from volume- to value-based healthcare delivery at the pace and along the path that fits with their goals and needs.”

About Clinigence

Clinigence, LLC, in Atlanta, GA, is a health information technology company that develops, publishes and delivers collaborative software-as-a-service (SaaS) to help healthcare providers derive business value from clinical data and quality patient care. The Clinigence solution is tailored to the emerging needs of healthcare providers due to the shift of the US healthcare system from volume- to value-based purchasing and the growing demand for quality patient care.

About Franciscan Northwest Physicians Health Network

Franciscan Northwest Physicians Health Network became the second approved Accountable Care Organization (ACO) in Washington State, responsible for 27,000 Medicare patients. The organization represents a collaboration of a hospital-based delivery system and an association of independent physicians through the partnership of Northwest Physicians Network and Franciscan Health System. The ACO’s goal is to reduce costs through the delivery of coordinated, managed care.