PQRS 2016

The MACRA train is coming... get ready now!

Don’t wait to implement 2016 PQRS reporting at the end of the year… Leverage the last year of PQRS to ensure that you are ready for MACRA next year!

Get Ready for MACRA in 2016

Don't be among the MACRA losers; Act now to become a Winner

Under MACRA it is no longer enough to report clinical quality measures at the end of the year. More than ever before, your performance will directly impact your Medicare Part B reimbursement. Most providers will be subject to either a reduction (up to -4% based on 2017 performance) or an increase (up to +12% on the same basis) in Medicare payment. According to CMS projections, the difference between losing and winning under MACRA will mean $11,000 on average for a solo practitioner, and $320,000 for a group of 100 providers based on 2017 performance. And these numbers will more than double over the next 4 years. To be among the MACRA winners, you must act now to ensure that you can consistently outperform your peers!

Select Your Optimal Measures

Did you know that there are over 300 clinical quality measures you can choose from for PQRS reporting? Depending on the size of your group, you only need to report 6 or 9 measures. Every practitioner and every practice excels in some measures and performs poorly on others. Do you know which are your best performing measures?

With Clinigence, you will easily be able to find your optimal PQRS measures for 2016 reporting and beyond. Don’t settle for the small subset of measures offered by your EHR vendor. And before choosing to report as part of a group, make sure your individual performance on your optimal measures will not be adversely affected by your group’s aggregate performance.

Improve Quality Continuously

Once you have selected the measures most relevant for your practice, you can continuously monitor your performance and take steps to improve if and when needed. Your 2016 PQRS performance will adjust your 2018 Medicare Part B reimbursement through the value-based payment modifier. Furthermore, your capacity to improve quality will become critical for your practice as quality based payment takes hold under MACRA in the coming years. Read more about our extensive suite of tools to help you continuously improve clinical quality and patient outcomes.

Automate Reporting to CMS

Focus your resources on what matters most: taking care of your patients. Leave the technical hassles of CMS reporting to us. Clinigence extracts all necessary data elements directly from your EHR, calculates the measures as per CMS’ specifications, formats the reports as required and submits them to CMS on your behalf.