Population Health Management

In a value-based healthcare system, our software helps drive this critical strategy.

Population health is the aggregate of individual health. Managing population health means first and foremost delivering effective care and care management for individual patients. But effective population health management (PHM) means something more: simply put, it means the ability to "raise your head above the water" and ensure that your care delivery services are the most effective and efficient in driving value (higher quality, lower cost) to your patient population.

In a value-based healthcare system population health management is a critical driver of your business. Without it you risk losing to the competition. To develop it, you need clinical business intelligence technology that supports a "learning system," i.e. The ability to not only improve your clinical quality, but also continuously redesign your care delivery system to produce more value.

Beyond Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)

Evidence-based medicine (EBM) provides an excellent starting point for effective population health management, but there is simply not enough evidence today to guarantee successful value-based population health management. Clinigence offers unique clinical business intelligence technology that empowers you to expand beyond EBM into the brave new world of value-based healthcare with confidence and agility. 

Define Your Own Metrics 

The Clinigence solution comes with hundreds of evidence-based guidelines and clinical quality measures (CQMs) built-in. More importantly, our solution empowers you to expand this library with your own custom metrics. Define your own care protocols and desired outcomes and you can immediately start managing your performance on these new metrics. For example, Clinigence customers today are leveraging this unique capability to develop new and exciting care management protocols for asthma (in pediatrics) and COPD (in adults.) The latter case is an ACO whose pulmonary disease patients are a major driver of utilization and cost and yet the MSSP 22-CQM set currently offers no guidelines on COPD management.

Comparative Effectiveness in Practice

Clinigence also provides unique capabilities to correlate process and outcome measures. Combined with the ability to define your own metrics (i.e. protocols and outcome indicators,) this empowers you to assess the effectiveness of your care processes (whether EBM based or otherwise) continuously. You can even compare the effectiveness of alternative processes to drive the desired outcomes. While the Clinigence solution is not designed to support formal comparative effectiveness research (CER,) we do, however equip you with a very practical tool to identify best practices in care delivery.

Collaboration and Shared Learning

Clinigence also offers unique opportunities for cross-organizational collaboration and shared learning. Custom metrics (protocols and measures, including both process and outcomes) can be shared. De-identified and/or limited data sets (as defined by HIPAA) can also be shared for joint studies among multiple collaborating organizations---supporting the acceleration of best practice development in areas of common interest. For example, our ACO clients are collaborating today in areas as diverse as best practices for EHR charting and chronic care management.


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