Unlock Your Clinical Data.

Increase revenue and drive value-based care with advanced tools.

Only 55% of Americans receive the recommended preventative services they need.* Gain realtime perspective on your patient data with Clinigence and help close the gap.

With the advent of the Value-Based Modifier it is more important than ever to gain a realtime perspective on your patient outcomes in order to improve your practice's performance and avoid penalties.

*WHO/44: World Health Organization assesses the world's health systems (2008)

Enabling Value-Based Care

The Clinigence suite of tools expands your capabilities.


Measure Performance

See custom metrics in real-time.

Target Populations

Identify and care for those at risk.


Close Gaps in Care

Implement preventative care where missing.

Leverage Fee for Service

Earn revenue while increasing quality.


Features & Technology

Powerful technology specially-equipped for physician practices.

Clinigence can integrate any EHR application in a matter of weeks and with no support from the EHR vendor. The only requirement is physical access to the data.

With Clinigence, you are on the path to value-based care:

  1. Measure your organization in real time and gain visibility into your clinical data
  2. Identify patients for intervention based on outcomes and chronic conditions
  3. Close gaps in care proactively
  4. Leverage fee-for-service incentives for preventive care, care coordination, and more to achieve value-based healthcare

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