CMS ACO Webinar Featuring Frank Ross of the CCHI ACO

Learning System Webinar: ACO Experience Reporting Quality Using the GPRO Web Interface 

 +Friday +January 17, 2014 

Audience - All SSP ACOs, but particularly timely for ACOs with 2012 and 2013 start dates 

In this webinar, SSP and Pioneer ACOs will share lessons learned from their experiences preparing for and Reporting quality through the GPRO web interface. Kathy Ward of Physician Organization of Michigan ACO will share lessons about addressing various challenges in extracting data for successful reporting. Frank Ross of Cumberland Center for Healthcare Innovation (CCHI) ACO will share how CCHI addresses the challenge of Integrating data from across a variety of sites of care on disparate EHR platforms. This is an excellent opportunity for ACOs with 2013 start dates that are first-time quality reporters beginning on  +January 27 to hear tips on how to input clinical information into the GPRO Web Interface. ACOs with start dates of 2014 are also welcome to attend in order to plan ahead for quality reporting in 2015.