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We Help Make Reporting a Breeze

We Streamline Reporting So You Can Focus On Quality

Reporting on your clinical quality to CMS and other payers may be daunting: first you need to find the medical records of thousands of patients. For each patient you must extract and validate multiple data points from different times and settings. And then you need to put it all together in the specific format required by the payer. Over the 2-month Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) annual quality reporting window (February and March for the previous calendar year) this effort can easily consume your entire clinical staff. With Clinigence, they can focus on clinical quality improvement instead.

The ACO Quality Registry

First, we set you up with our unique ACO Quality Registry. Like a software wizard, this tool walks you through the process of collecting all data points needed and validating them. With its cloud-based architecture, the registry coordinates the collection process across staff members, offices and time. Staff members can enter and validate data at any time through the web. And our dashboard gives you real-time report on your progress. Instead of spending 2 months of your clinical staff’s time our ACO Quality Registry can reduce the effort to a couple of weeks of 1-2 team members.


Unlike other registry solutions, the Clinigence ACO Quality Registry is auto-populating. Once we integrate with your electronic health record (EHR) systems, we will automatically extract all necessary data elements from these systems, digest them and pre-fill the registry with the information found. Think of it like an army of intelligent clinical agents doing all the data collection for you. All that’s left for your staff is to validate the accuracy and complete the reports with data not found in the EHR. With this integration in place, your effort can be reduced from weeks to only hours or a few days of work.

Easy GPRO Reporting

Once you have approved all data points you can review your submission and performance rates and Clinigence will submit the report to CMS on your behalf by uploading the necessary files to GPRO. Other formats are also available for submission to different commercial payers.

Real-time Data is Real Power

Integrating the registry with your EHR offers an additional major benefit: the power to drive performance improvement in real time.  While Medicare only requires annual reporting in the MSSP, starting from your second year you are measured against specific benchmarks. Your performance factors heavily into how CMS calculates your portion of shared savings. Managing performance on the basis of annual reporting is not a good idea. Clinigence puts time on your side by equipping you with real-time reports.

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