Leading your hospital journey to value-based care.

The steps needed and how we can help.

Transitioning to value-based healthcare is no simple task.

While some hospitals are already involved in accountable care organization (ACO) arrangements with Medicare and commercial payers, most hospitals are not ready to take on such business and operational risk. If your hospital is not among the few that have already set up an ACO, please see below four measured steps that your organization can take to build your capacity to succeed in the future of healthcare.

Path to Success

Measured and backed by data every step of the way.


Step 1: Clinical Integration


Clinigence offers the most efficient way to share information across care settings, including inpatient, outpatient/ambulatory, long-term care facilities, home care providers, remote monitoring devices and patient communications. We provide cost-effective, community-wide patient record aggregator and the ability to monitor compliance and track performance against any care transition protocol.

Care managers/coordinators get up-to-date information about patient status and care management activities. Team managers easily monitor the performance of their staff. And executives gain insights as to the effectiveness of care management programs.


Step 2: Readmission Reduction


Equipped with the comprehensive patient data only the Clinigence clinical integration can offer, you can implement more effective programs to reduce readmissions. Some of the elements you may build into such programs include the following:

Post-Discharge Follow Up Plan

  • Develop and trigger follow up plans based on data from inpatient clinical systems.
  • Track compliance with follow up plans by integrating data from ambulatory EHR systems.

Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Remote (i.e. at home) patient monitoring devices
  • Patient surveys, questionnaires, etc.

Addressing Patient Needs

  • Integrating data from multiple sources customizes care plan
  • Care plan adapts real-time as needs change

Step 3: Value Based Purchasing (VBP)


Clinigence provides a comprehensive suite of tools to manage your performance on any pay-for-performance (P4P) program offered by payers, including the CMS Value Based Purchasing program. These tools include:

  • Benchmarking performance improvement by comparing with peers, goals, and reference populations
  • Tracking performance over time
  • Centering around the patient with customized reports that gaurantee quality care

Step 4: Accountable Care


Read more about how our solution will drive your success in accountable care in our ACO Solutions.

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