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Cost and Utilization Analytics

Identify Savings Opportunities

Leverage claims data from payers to identify and quantify savings opportunities, including:

  • Avoidable ER visits
  • Preventable hospital readmissions
  • Reducible complications
  • “Choosing wisely”
  • Cost efficiencies

Clinigence puts these and any other report you need to shine light on your opportunities to reduce the cost of care.

Prioritize Outliers For Intervention

Wouldn’t you like to know:

  • Who are your most effective/efficient providers in and out of network?
  • Which of your patients are most at risk for preventable cost/utilization of services?
  • What service lines are underperforming?
  • Which of your interventions/programs are working?

Clinigence translates your data into the answers you need right at your fingertips.  Among our most commonly used reports:

  • ER high utilizers (“frequent flyers”)
  • Cost breakdown, benchmarking and trending by practice (TIN)
  • Utilization breakdown and trending by TIN

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