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Better Chronic Care… > $100K Add-On Revenue Per PCP Per Year!

Paid-For Service

As of 2015, Medicare offers special reimbursement for coordinating care to complex chronic patients.

Roughly ⅔ of your Medicare patients are eligible. You can bill Medicare about $42 for as little as 20 minutes of non-face-to-face time every month. Services can be provided by clinical or non-clinical staff under general supervision by a clinician.

Adding CCM services in an already busy practice may seem daunting. However, with just a few extra steps and some add-on technology that integrates seamlessly with your EHR, you can be well on your way to improving care and increasing revenue by $100K per PCP or more!

If you don’t have the staff resources to provide CCM services on your own, you can also choose a turnkey solution, including all necessary care coordination services. And since our care coordination services use the same integrated Clinigence technology, you maintain close contact with your patients and the ability for your staff to engage with them at any time!

Empowering Your Staff To Provide CCM Services

Clinigence unlocksyour EHR data to uncover CCM eligible patients and stratify them based on their needs. The Clinigence CCM solution intuitively displays your patient data so that you can take the most appropriate care coordination or management activities to improve chronic care management and close gaps in care. The Clinigence CCM solution:

  • Integrates patient data from one or more EHR systems

  • Supports activity time logging to meet the 20 minute per month billing requirement

  • Records qualifying care activities to ensure billing audit trail

  • Tracks patient needs on a monthly basis to optimize service and maximize billing

  • Enables exporting data for monthly billing

Practice-Integrated CCM Turnkey Services

Clinigence is working with a number of clinical service providers and care coordination call center operators to offer you a turnkey solution that meets your needs. Leveraging the Clinigence technology, our services are always integrated with your EHR and you always have complete transparency as to the services provided to your patients on your behalf. You can also choose a hybrid model where your staff provides some CCM services in full coordination with an outsourced service provider to augment your resources.

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