HIT Accelerator Program Exposes Wider Need For Clinigence Capabilities

By Kobi Margolin When I was launching Clinigence, I recognized the value our cloud-based clinical data analytics software could bring to smaller physician practices that don’t have the time or IT staff to dedicate to quality data reporting. Yet only recently have I learned that even large health systems, with their greatly expanded resources [...]

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Why Is Healthcare Delivery So Complicated Sometimes?

By Kobi Margolin Recently, our family was preparing to leave the country for an international trip. Before we traveled, we wanted to make sure we received all of our appropriate vaccinations, including flu shots. Vaccinating our first two family members, who I’ll reveal later, was easy. We were in and out of the provider’s [...]

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Data Analytics For Small Practices Has Big Impact For Large Health Systems

By Kobi Margolin In earlier posts, we’ve written about the importance of adopting new, advanced technology to achieve the clinical and business rewards that “early adopters” typically experience. Clinical analytics—sometimes referred to as big data analytics—is a technology that holds great promise for healthcare organizations of all sizes. Surveys show that large health systems [...]

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Early Healthcare Technology Adoption Critical For Survival

By Kobi Margolin Historically, the healthcare industry has been slow to adopt new information technology. For example, it’s only been in recent years that hospitals and physician practices have abandoned antiquated paper charts for electronic health records (EHRs)—a lot of that adoption can be attributed to government incentive programs like Meaningful Use. Yet, not [...]

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Driving Innovation In Healthcare Data Analytics

By Kobi Margolin The healthcare industry is drowning in a sea of data—we collect more information about patients than ever before with the best intentions of using it for improving quality and reducing costs. However, for a long time there has been a roadblock to successfully accomplishing these goals: how to efficiently extract clinical [...]

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