Real-Time Benchmarking

Harnessing Our Competitive Nature

Among the most powerful drivers of behavior change is the simple act of comparing. Choosing which benchmarks to use may not be easy, but a great place to start is within your own organization. Clinigence automatically equips you with such internal benchmarks. For physicians who tend to be competitive by nature, there may not be a more powerful motivator than peer performance within their team. In other cases, your organization may already be measured against outside benchmarks provided by payers or other 3rd parties. For example, CMS measures ACOs starting in their 2nd performance year against quality benchmarks calculated across all ACOs. You can also set your own performance goals and track your progress towards them.

Internal Benchmarks – Comparing To Your Peers

Real-time benchmarking for healthcare

Compliance of three providers in a single practice with the ACO MSSP flu vaccine guideline. Note that the practice aggregate of 68% provides a natural inside benchmark. Setting a goal of 70% also helps separating top and low performing providers.

Real-time benchmarking for healthcare organizations

Controlling blood pressure in the diabetic population. The light blue line shows the aggregate performance of the ACO hovering around the organization’s goal of 70%. The green line shows the organization’s top performer utilized here as another benchmark for the organization. Note the marked improvement in performance by the provider marked in dark blue highlighting the power of benchmarking against peers and goals.

Outside Benchmarks

Real-time benchmarking for healthcare organizations

An “ACO scorecard.” This report shows an ACO’s performance onthe ACO clinical quality measures (CQMs) compared to the Shared Savings Program (SSP) benchmarks publiched by Medicare. In particular, the 30th and 90th percentile benchmarks are shown for each measure group. Performance below the 30th percentile implies zero points highlighted in red. Performance above the 90th percentile means maximum points highlighted in green. Yellow bars indicate intermediate performance between the 30th and 90 percentiles.

Real-time benchmarking for healthcare organizations

ACO single measure cross-practice comparison with external benchmarks. This report shows how different practices in an ACO perform on a specific clinical quality measure relative to outside benchmarks from Medicare. The two vertical lines on each performance bar represent the 30th and 90th percentiles across all Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) ACOs.

Setting Performance Goals

Tracking performance towards a goal. This reports shows how setting a goal (in this case 80% compliance) helped a 2-physician practice improve performance over time to meet their goal. The light blue represents aggregate performance for the practice.

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