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Clinigence Is A Transformational Clinical Business Intelligence Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) Provider

We empower healthcare providers to transform their business successfully from volume- to value-based payment models.

Our Core Values

How We Craft Them

Our core values are not dictated by Marketing or Leadership. We all created them together and continue to review and adjust them from time to time through a collaborative team process. Every member has a voice and every voice counts the same.

What We Believe In

1. Our people are Clinigence. We hire, nurture, and grow great people. We provide an environment which allows our people to excel at and outside of work. We hold ourselves and each other accountable. We treat each other with trust and respect.

2. Health Care analytics is our core business. We use technology, industry knowledge, and innovation to pragmatically and reliably solve today’s problems for our customers. Using our agility, we anticipate and adjust to market trends and provide our customers with the analytical tools to ensure success.

3. We encourage participation and open communication. We constructively challenge each other. We collaborate and communicate across the organization frequently. We all help where we can regardless of our role in the company. We openly acknowledge our mistakes and weaknesses, and have the courage to act.

4. We are committed to excellence. We listen to our customers and envision how our solutions will be incorporated into our customers’ lives. We strive toward solutions that are simple, intuitive, unobtrusive, and complete. We understand that the path to excellence is often through uncharted territory. We will proactively navigate risks with care and confidence, and leverage our industry knowledge to enable ongoing client success.

5. Our customer’s success is our success. We clearly articulate project plans and objectives early and hold ourselves and our clients accountable. Our customer’s goals are our goals. We provide remarkable customer service. We treat our customers with honesty, trust, and respect.

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