Helping close gaps in care.

We empower ACOs to improve healthcare and generate revenue along the way.

Only 55% of Americans receive the recommended preventative services they need.* With Clinigence, clinical staff can focus on improving quality of care.

Reporting on your clinical quality to CMS and other payers can be daunting. We produce software solutions to track and improve the quality of care while automating reporting.

Managing performance on the basis of annual reporting prevents you from being proactive about patient care - Clinigence puts time on your side by equipping you with real-time reports.

*WHO/44: World Health Organization assesses the world's health systems (2008)

How it Works

Clinigence provides data integration, optimization, clinical and business intelligence, and more all in one platform.



Store all data in a customizable dashboard: EHRs, claims, cost, and more.


Apply benchmarks, view trends, track progress over time, and more.



Proactively close gaps in care with real-time visibility into your data.


Learn from our nationwide network of experienced clients.


Features & Technology

Powerful technology specially-equipped for ACO needs.

Clinigence can integrate any EHR application in a matter of weeks and with no support from the EHR vendor. The only requirement is physical access to the data. If your data is hosted by the vendor or a 3rd party, we will need them to grant us access.

With our powerful technology, you can do the following - and more:

  1. Integrate claims with any EHR's clinical data in one online dashboard
  2. Identify customizable registries and reports to GPRO
  3. Improve progress by clearly displaying benchmark and quality score trends across the ACO

See our technology model page for detail and specifications.

Clinical data suffers from a great deal of variability - even when data is structured. Clinigence has developed unique data normalization techniques that further automate the process and reduce the manual effort required in data mapping. Our solution leverages crowdsourcing to create a data normalization system that learns from experience and the wisdom of the crowds.

Success Stories

Cumberland Center for Healthcare Innovation

MSSP ACO and Commerical Plans

25 practices; 40 family doctors; 12 different EHR systems.

  • +10 points in overall quality (2012-2014)
  • -7.2% total cost of care to Medicare (2012-2014)
  • Savings of ~$10M or $800/patient
  • Added Cigna commercial ACO contract in 2013
  • Commitment letter from BCBS-TN in 2014

Indiana Lakes Quality Partners

MSSP ACO and Commercial Plans.

Community hospital (IU affiliate); 200 doctors. 4 ambulatory + 1 inpatient EHR systems.

  • +22 points in overall quality (2013-2014)
  • -12% total employee healthcare costs in 2014
  • Savings of $1.8M or $900/employee
  • Added Anthem commercial ACO contract in 2014

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